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Growing a digital learning Centre of Excellence in Brighton


Mar 2019

Julian Tedstone

Managing Director

If you live or work in Brighton you might be aware that Brighton is a major UK hub for emerging digital technologies, after all the city currently employs over 12,000 people in the technology sector and it’s been estimated that its worth over £1 Billion to the city’s economy.

A key subset of this is Brighton’s thriving digital learning businesses who are literally world beaters as are its gaming companies, its software development houses and its marketing technology (MarTech) companies.

However, outside of the city, Brighton is not seen through this lens. Generally if you ask people outside the town what they think of Brighton and its business environment and 80% of the time the answer you’ll get is tourism in its various flavours.

That’s why Wired Sussex launched the first, of what we hope will be many, initiatives to raise awareness of the world beating technology businesses in Brighton, starting with the e-learning sector. Brighton’s growing e-learning sector now includes some bright stars such as Kineo, Leo, Brightwave and Lumesse.

The initiative, designed to raise awareness of the e-learning centre of excellence (COE) in Brighton, kicked off with a gathering of leading local learning companies (and those like Coherence that work with them) with the aim of understanding the opportunities if sector was to speak as one loud voice when appropriate (rather than 50 small voices) and with that in mind how we can foster a culture of collaboration - even when some companies compete directly.

Key takeaways

  • We need to evidence that we are indeed a COE. Media/investors/government are like the rest of us – lazy. We need to make it easy for people to find out about the sector, its people and the projects it delivers.
  • The sector needs to elevate its positioning from the functional (we deliver training to help you meet legislative requirements on health and safety”) to transformational (helping organizations develop global leadership skills for their future leaders).
  • We need to tell more stories. Between us we’re helping transform some of the world’s largest businesses, supporting the Olympics as they rapidly train teams for each host city and we’re changing how people access healthcare via the NHS. Unfortunately we like to keep it all a secret!

While Coherence is not an elearning business we work with some of the best in the city, helping them to build their online presence. For example we’ve recently been working with Kineo to launch a fully responsive, personalised digital platform that empowers their marketers.

Kineo are one of the companies that have signed up to the wired Sussex initiative.

As a Brighton technology business we’re very much behind this initiative and the general ongoing work by Wired Sussex to raise the awareness of the Brighton tech sector to a wider audience. We believe we need world-class businesses who in turn can attract top talent to the city if we are to continue to build a world class, flourishing city for all.

Julian Tedstone

By Julian Tedstone
Managing Director

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