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Acquia, DX8 and Drupal 8

Acquia has just announced the acquisition of Cohesion DX8. As one of the leading agencies in delivering DX8 websites, with years of design system experience, we are excited to see DX8 adopted by Drupal's leading customer experience platform. Here's how this winning combination of CMS platform, design system suite and enterprise hosting can benefit your business...



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Enterprise ready, scalable, secure open source web platform

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Drupal web operations and cloud hosting platform

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Enterprise grade page editor and builder

Our experience delivering DX8 for globally recognised brands

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The benefits for you

Our goal is to empower you with a design system and suite of tools that enables you to quickly and easily create layouts and edit content on your site or suite of websites. We call these ‘design patterns’ and they provide you with the flexibility to create advanced layouts, without the fear of ‘breaking’ the site or design.

DX8, newly acquired by Acquia, provides the powerful editing and page building tools that create our design systems and allow them to become fully branded, responsive, re-usable component libraries.

The benefits

  • A single brand-consistent design system across your multi-site multi-language web estate
  • Multi-site applications allowing single Drupal cores to drive multiple websites for more efficient hosting, support, rollout and feature enhancement
  • Consistent user experience across your web estate
  • The freedom to rapidly rollout and evolve your site without development support
  • Semantically correct and well structured code, providing uniform SEO and accessibility support

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