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Fresh Food for Now

Samworth Brothers launches agile brand website in only four weeks to capitalise on food-to-go demand

Background image showing some delicious food. Some example screenshots of the Fresh Food For Now website on an tablet, desktop and mobile view.

From nought to sixty (in a few weeks)

Samworth Brothers has launched a website for Fresh Food for Now Company in only four weeks as it looks to increase its share of the lucrative food-to-go sector.

With the industry set to grow at twice the rate of the overall grocery retail and predicated to be worth £22.8 billion by 2023, the UK food manufacturer urgently required an agile website to promote an enhanced new delivery service with more varied offering 

It starts with an idea

Samworth Brothers' existing Ginsters-branded van wholesale delivery service had a strong recognition among retailers but was predominantly associated with the famous pastry range. The new Fresh Food for Now Company website, and in turn its wider branding, would become a familiar one-stop shop for a wider range of quality food-to-go products including well-loved names such as Honest Crust and Soreen

Honest Crust

Don't believe us?

With the initial online presence love in four weeks, Samworth Brothers have since been iterating the website, adapting quickly to fast-moving, challenging market conditions.

Average conversion rate of new customers using the 'Contact Us' page over the first 5 months was 10%


How we did it

Coherence created a web platform to make content and functionality love at the earliest opportunity, while developing longer-term infrastructure-driven programmes in parallel. It covered three stages:

Market entry

A website built to meet the communications plan around the business launch. Using a bespoke master design system, Coherence created a brand showcase outlining Fresh Food for Now's commercial proposition, it's benefits and product range.


With the launch window achieved, Coherence's design patterns allow Samworth Brothers to rapidly update the site without drawing on development resource: collecting consumer data, experimenting with messaging and continually optimising to learn from and adapt to it's audience.


Coherence is working with Samworth Brithers to plan how the website could eventually become an ordering point, potentially integrating with stock management and delivery scheduling systems. It's what we call 'start-up agility with supply chain scalability'.

Mobile device displaying fresh food for now
FTG market display
Light bulb

Coherence thought

Having a start-up mentality can be challenging for large, established brands looking to innovate their offering when traditional knowledge and experience may inform only part of the journey. The choice is to either expend time and resource in market research and data analysis - by which time the opportunity may have passed - move forward, as Samworth Brothers did, to from hypotheses, test them and validate them against the market.

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