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Our work / Close Brothers Savings

Creating a web platform to power a federated business

Bridge overlooking London Devices showing the Close Brothers Savings website

Drupal 8 and Acquia Cohesion delivering power and performance

Close Brothers, the UK's largest private merchant bank, and Coherence manages over 20 separate brand applications for them. The challenge: how can each business unit present a distinct commercial proposition while the group as a whole maintains a consistent brand experience.

Using Drupal 8, Acquia hosting and the Acquia Cohesion productivity suite, Coherence delivers a platform that powers the entire group, while giving powerful editing and page building capabilities to the business units. Take a look at Close Brothers Savings, as an example of how we manage this.

Design pattern thinking

So, how does it work? We provide Close with a 'master' Drupal site, which contains a fully branded and designed version of all the components used to build each Close website. These components or 'design patterns' are fully user research driven / tested, brand consistent content display units. We draw these design patterns down into each Close site and apply a content design that drives the business' unique commercial need. 

This delivers consistency of user experience and promotes shared learning and innovation between businesses. At the same time, the marketing team in each business has freedom within the framework to craft an engagement and conversion strategy that delivers for their business. 


Close Brothers Savings website
Close Brothers Savings website
Close Brothers Asset website
iPhone showing the Close Brothers Savings website

Close Savings delivered on a next generation platform

Acquia Cohesion and Drupal 8 allow us to build websites from branded libraries of design patterns, which we can use, re-use, re-order and remove as the content strategy evolves. The power to evolve sits with the marketing team, not the development team, so there are no limits to creating beautiful, user centred, commercially impactful content.

And with Acquia providing a secure, scalable and robust hosting environment, Close Brothers have unprecedented flexibility, power and reliability.

Close Brothers Savings website
Close Brothers Savings website