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Reuniting alumni with engaging, easy to edit campaign websites.

Photo from the LBS Reunion 2018 Three devices showing the LBS Reunion website

London Business School needed platforms for students returning from all over the world.

London Business School is one of the world’s elite business schools. They drive original and provocative business thinking and empower their people to challenge conventional wisdom in a truly unique academic environment. Each year they hold a number of events aimed at their 44, 000 global alumni and required contemporary, easy to edit, content driven campaign websites to reach out and reunite them.  

An easy to update, design pattern driven, programme of events.

The Reunion event is run over three days and LBS wanted the ability to display a clear programme of events showing what was happening and when. This needed to be easy to update due to short notice speaker cancellations and venue changes. Crucially it had to be easy to navigate across all devices as Alumni would be using the calendar on mobile devices over the course of the weekend to check the latest schedule.  

A programme of events section with a bold visual highlighting each of the days was implemented. Using the Acquia Cohesion productivity toolkit, we provided the client with a series of design pattern based components that they could drag, drop and reorder and edit as required.

iPad showing the LBS Reunion website
iPad showing the LBS Reunion website
iPad showing the LBS Reunion website
An iPhone showing the LBS Reunion website

Creating competition and increasing Alumni participation with a multi-view leaderboard.

London Business School rely on donations to ensure they can maintain their status as a leading global business school. During the strategy workshops with their marketing team, we investigated several ideas that would increase participation. We designed and built an animated leaderboard, with three different views so that alumni and users could see which classes were top of the rankings based on participation, donation amount and overall standing.  

The Reunion leaderboard page

44,000 alumni, 80 events, 91 cities, and just one website to bring them all together.

On the back of our successful Reunion project, London Business School partnered with Coherence once again to create their next campaign site, World Alumni Celebration 2018. Each year around 80 networking events take place in cities around the world, ranging from intimate gatherings, to large-scale affairs attended by the Dean.

They rapidly needed an online presence that would engage attendees, enable alumni to see what events were taking place in their region and to start generating a buzz about the campaign. 

World Alumni Celebration
World Alumni Celebration
World Alumni Celebration

A social strategy to encourage attendees and acquire the Alumni of the future.

Through our discussions with London Business School it became apparent that there was more than one audience the site was attempting to engage. For existing Alumni, the events represented a great opportunity to reach out to each other via the LBS global network, but there was also a secondary audience of potential future students to the School that the site needed to attract.

Along with the bespoke users journeys based on user locations, we put place a social strategy to introduce a feed on the homepage that pulled in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr posts from Alumni and Faculty. In the build up to the celebration, this allowed attendees to start generating their own buzz about the events, encouraging more attendees to take part and to highlight the potential lifestyle and opportunities open to new students.