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International suite of websites for a global IT technology provider.

Person working at computer Devices showing the Mastek website

Experts in digital transformation, Mastek needed a new portfolio of sites, to show off their global brands.

Having undergone rapid growth, transforming them into an international organisation, Mastek engaged Coherence to help them form a new business communications strategy and translate this into a suite of branded country websites. The project included a substantive stakeholder immersion phase where Coherence gained a full understanding of their audience profile and product offering.

This allowed us to produce a new site architecture, a content engagement strategy and a design solution which could then be rolled out across the group.

Simplifying the user journey to highlight their solutions and services

Immediately attracting Mastek's target audience at whatever stage of a project they were at was no easy task. We undertook a series of in-depth user research sessions which were then compared alongside existing site analtyics to form an engagement strategy. As a result 3 engagement pillars were created each targeting different user groups. These were Create, Modernise and Recover.

This allows Mastek not only ensure that its users see the content most appropriate to their needs, but also allows for an ongoing persona analysis exercise through analytics segmented by both campaigns and channel sources.

The Mastek website
The Mastek website
The Mastek website
The Mastek website

Acquia Cohesion allowed us to create intricate layouts across all devices

Producing a unique looking page layout which responses seamlessly across multiple devices is no easy exercise. By using the Acquia Cohesion Drupal productivity kit, Coherence were able to ensure that the pixel perfect vision for the site was translated into a highly refined online experience without the budgetary overhead that you might expected.

iPad showing the Mastek website
iPhone showing the Mastek website

Built on the powerful, secure foundations of Drupal

Only Drupal would give Mastek the flexibility they need moving forward, whilst meeting their high standards for security.

Combined with powerful workflow and multisite modules, Coherence created the portfolio on an infrastructure designed to support the organisation for many years.

The Mastek website
The Mastek website