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Our work / National Numeracy

A suite of sites and tools aimed at improving Britain's numeracy levels.

A wall of numbers Devices showing the various National Numeracy websites

Working with National Numeracy, we have built several platforms to inform, engage and develop professionals and learners across the United Kingdom.

National Numeracy is an independent charity based in Lewes, UK, that promotes the importance of numeracy and "everyday maths". When they approached us to be their digital strategic, design and build partners, we were presented a brief that certainly provided us with a challenge: “We want to increase the engagement in lifelong numeracy learning for every adult in the UK".

Where to start?

Through a combination of end user interviews, questionnaires, analytics insights, National Numeracy source data and stakeholder insight we developed a dual stream programme.

We established a clear responsive Drupal website, designed to provide clean points of differentiation for users with distinct needs (employers, parents/carers, self access learners, trainers.) We developed a Drupal and Acquia Cohesion campaign site in tandem to handle PPC and ECRM landing points with targeted messaging - all based around the annual National Numeracy day challenge, presenting a pre/during and post state through the CMS.

National Numeracy website
National Numeracy website
National Numeracy website

The National Numeracy Challenge

The National Numeracy Challenge is a free, online learning tool designed to help users improve thier everyday maths skills in manageable steps whilst building their confidence along the way.

We designed and developed this diagnostic tool, designed to benchmark user’s ability, through an adaptive test using algorithms that anticipate a user’s level and position challenging or consolidating questions based on correct or incorrect answers. The benchmarking tool uses accessible language and visuals to allow users with varying language capabilities to focus on testing their numeracy (not literacy!) levels.

Tablet showing the National Numeracy Challenge website
Tablet showing the National Numeracy Challenge website
Tablet showing the National Numeracy Challenge website
Phone showing the National Numeracy Challenge website

Learning from the learners

Two years later, and the challenge has posed over 5 million unique question points and driven hundreds of thousands of users onto ongoing learning end points. The data we collect goes on to develop NN’s insight into national numeracy levels and user needs.

5 million

unique question points since launch

77, 000

people registered to improve their numeracy in 2018

Over 200

workplaces and schools engaged

National Numeracy Day - inspiring thousands to take their first step towards improving their numeracy.

 Working together, we created the National Numeracy Day campaign website, a site that enables National Numeracy to celebrate numbers and their everyday use in life. The CMS platform we have provided gives NN staff unprecedented power and flexibility to evolve their messaging and create a buzz about the event. 

The inaugural event was a huge success and over 25,000 new people started their journey towards improved numeracy by registering to take the Challenge.

The National Numeracy Day website