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Corporate travel goes global with our websites and campaigns.

Responsive web design

Reed & Mackay, a global Travel Management Company, were needing to embrace digital presence to both validate their offering and generate new leads.

Coherence worked closely with Reed & Mackay to understand their demographics, identify potential audience touch points and determining messaging that should be exposed to maximise the chances of contact from the reader.

The resulting site contained 90% less pages than its predecessor and saw an instant uplift in leads generated. The site continues to evolve and forms a core marketing component of Reed and Mackay’s expansion.

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Agile delivery with Drupal and DX7

The international website was built on Drupal 7, and further enhanced with the DX7 productivity toolkit. This has allowed Reed & Mackay's marketing department to create highly-designed new pages which can be used both within the core navigation structure as well as standalone landing pages. When combined with their market automation platform, Reed and Mackay have now the power to initiate effective campaigns quickly and with relative ease.

Reed and Mackay App
Reed and Mackay screenshot
Reed and Mackay screenshot
Reed and Mackay screenshot

Multi-channel integration

The approach to brand and messaging was then translated by Coherence to an offline campaign designed to integrate with the website and its conversion funnel.

Poster - where A to B is simple to see
Poster - planes,trains
Poster - make the shortlist
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