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A smooth journey and a perfect landing for a family favourite.

Responsive email design

Increasing website traffic in our long-standing collaboration with Truprint.


We’ve worked with Truprint, a popular online photographic company, for over ten years - offering visually-engaging imagery and captivating design for emails, sites and landing pages promoting a diverse range of photographic products.

With innovative customer engagement strategies employed across digital platforms and our unique approach to email design, Truprint’s campaigns continue to drive a core component of their online revenue.

Understanding the audience persona

Through ongoing analytical review and careful testing, we helped Truprint ensure the most effective ways to successfully target and expand its existing audience.

When it comes to increasing sales, figures and data hold sway. By taking on board any surprises and non-linear relationships that emerge in our research, we help support the ongoing success of Truprint’s campaigns.

Creating a photo realistic 3d suite

We’ve created a complete 3D CGI suite of Truprint’s product lines to suppliment use of photographic images. As well as speeding up the design process, this means that all of Truprint’s content can remain visually consistent, and customisable for all future offers and campaigns.

Computer generated product images
Computer generated product images

Maximum impact across a range of devices

We’ve optimise Truprint’s designs for a wide range of devices and screen sizes, for an ultimate email engagement boost.

Taking the viewer on a journey down to the very bottom of the page can be a demanding task; but designing an engaging layout for all, including larger-screen resolutions, makes reading almost effortless. By using high-quality graphics and animations we help Truprint turn its email offers into engaging, scroll-worthy visual stories.

Maximum impact across devices

The outcome?

Beautiful bespoke emails, quickly created and delivered to all devices

Campaign website - mission control
Email phone

Ensuring a smooth landing

Our standalone sites for Truprint’s new product ranges transport the customer directly from the email to the product detail. Device-optimised design, SEO and A/B testing ensure a smooth journey to those limited-time offers, and quick access to yet another stunning landing page.

Landing page
Landing page
Landing page
Landing page
Landing page
Landing page

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